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In times of drought and times of plenty, water is always on our mind.  The Mattole is one of only a few rivers that is not diverted outside the watershed. We, as residents and stewards, have the opportunity and obligation to maintain the quality and quantity of our local water supply. With this in mind, please see the links below for information regarding water rights, conservation, and local programs.

Water Rights

From SRF: If you’re diverting water from a spring or stream, you need to be informed about your water rights and responsibilities.

The State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights has notified landowners that diverting water without complying with State water rights law could lead to enforcement action and fines of up to $1,000 plus $500 a day.

Compliance with State water law requires filing forms and acquiring permits when needed. The benefits are ensuring your homestead’s water security and your land’s value, while protecting our region’s vital fisheries and wildlife.

Visit the Salmonid Restoration Federation website for more information.

Mattole Water Stewardship Projects and Programs

Our partners at Sanctuary Forest have invested years in cultivating resources and programs for landowners to improve their stewardship of our water.  Click here to learn more.

Water Conservation and Education

For an extensive list of excellent resources, visit the Salmonid Restoration Federation’s Community Water Management page.