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Native Plants

Big leaf maple seedling getting it’s start at the nursery.

The MRC has been cultivating native grasses, trees, shrubs and forbs for over a decade. All seed is collected locally from the Mattole Watershed and our two native seed farms. For more information about our native plant nursery, please visit this page.

We provide both seed and plants for restoration projects and private landowners. If you are interested in learning more about native plants, we would typically offer to have you to join us for our Native Plant Nursery volunteer days. However, due to the pandemic all volunteer days are currently delayed until further notice.

To find out more about currently available plants or seed, please contact our nursery manager, Veronica, at 707-629-3514 or

MRC Native Plant Nursery Species List

Deschampsia cespitosa in the nursery. December 2016.

Fraxinus latifolia in the nursery. December 2016.

Viola adunca, grown for seed production, at the nursery. November 2017.