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Mattole Forest Management Resources

Agencies with Forest Management Programs:

Cal-FIRE is the state department of forestry and fire protection. Landowners who want to do prescribed burning with agency help can apply to the Vegetation Management Program (VMP). The VMP program is a cost-sharing program that focuses on prescribed fire and mechanical treatments to reduce fuel loads.
Contact: Hugh Scanlon, 726-1206 or Mark Rodgers, 726-1224

California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP)
CFIP is a cost-share program for forest landowners through CAL-FIRE. CFIP grants can be used toward management planning (currently a 90:10 cost share rate), site preparation, tree purchase and planting, timber and forest stand improvement, and fish and wildlife habitat improvement. The local CAL-FIRE contact for CFIP grants is Jim Robbins: 725-4413. The CFIP User’s Guide can be found at

New One-Plan Plan
This is a new management plan template that can easily be adaptable to the requirements of various cost-share programs and might give you an advantage in the competition for funding. Download the template here:
It is called the CFIP Cooperative Management Plan Template.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRCS is a federal agency that employs a forester under their Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). EQIP can help a landowner develop a forest management plan for a cost share dependant on need and acreage. They will do a stand inventory and if the landowner also works with Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) president Mike Jani, they can bring the plan into conformance with the Forest Stewardship Council standard in order to enable the selling of logs through HRC. The development of a management plan through NRCS will create options for cost-share projects like thinning.
Contact: Dave Casey, NRCS forester, 442-6058, ext 110

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
USFWS has restoration funding available through their Conservation Partner program. Prioritized projects include riparian restoration efforts.
Contact: Gregory Gray, 822-7201,

Other Resources

University of California Extension
There are several workshops annually that inform or help forest landowners with issues like Sudden Oak Death, woody biomass and estate planning. Check their website: Contact: Yana Valachovic, Forest Advisor, 445-7351,

Humboldt Redwood Company
The Scotia mill owned by HRC is our closest mill. Because they are Forest Stewardship Council certified, they prefer FSC logs. To be FSC certified, a landowner needs a forest management plan. President of HRC, Mike Jani can help tailor a plan that fits the FSC standard (even if you work with NRCS to develop the plan).
Contact: Mike Jani, Humboldt Redwood Company,, (707) 272-0216
United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Fire Safe Councils
Lower Mattole Fire Safe Council, contact: Josh Free, 629-3460
Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council

Whitethorn Construction
California’s largest native hardwood lumber yard right here in the Mattole. 545 Shelter Cove Road, Whitethorn, CA. To sell hardwood logs or purchase milled hardwood, call Ken Forden: 986-7412,

Equipment Operators
Mike and Bill Etter: 629-3240
Evan Cook (aka “Chompers”): 629-3428
Sterling McWhorter: 502-4626
Richard French: 986-7552

Whole Log Firewood Processors
Whole Log Firewood Processor (WLFP)- The WLFP is a piece of equipment that can make 2-5 cords of firewood in an hour. With an already stacked deck of logs, the WLFP needs a loader and optimally another helper. There are two people who own them in the Mattole who are available for hire:
Marty Hobbs: 986-9521
Elk Ridge Forestry, Contact: Kai Ostrow: 223-0042,

Portable Sawmill Operators
Dave Short: 786-4454
Bill Etter: 629-3240
Don Ozard: 845-2840

Foresters familiar with the Mattole
Tim Metz:
Paul Harper: 825-0475
Jared Gerstein: 834-2912

People with chainsaws, other tools for hire
Dave Kahan: 707-926-5351,,
Bob Anderson: 629-3521
Dan Gephart: 629-9998

If you want to be added to this list please contact, 822-4477