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Forest Practices


Encouraging appropriate forest management:

The Council provides local residents with up-to-date information about potential timber harvest activities and helps involve the public in the decision-making process.

If you want to read more information on any Timber Harvest Plan (THP), you can go to the Cal-Fire website, Forest Practices Library and download elements of the plan by the numbers here:
Click on the north Coast region folder and then find the plans by year (second number below)

Current Timber Harvest Plans:
THP Number                Owner                   Drainage                Status                      Acres        Other
1-14-134        Humboldt Redwood Co.    East Branch, LNF    Pending                        626        Helicopters, VR
Notes: the above plan has a large footprint and includes 7000 ft of new road construction.
1-13-130        Humboldt Redwood Co.   Rattlesnake, UNF     Approved                     388           Helicopters
Notes: The above plan includes approximately 3/4 of a mile of new road construction. Will be logged summer 2014.
1-12-026        Humboldt Redwood Co.   East Branch, LNF       Approved                  253          Selection, VR
Notes: This plan includes some trees on the edge of an older riparian stand. It is projected to be harvested in Summer 2014 or 2015.

1-12-032        Sierra Pacific Industries    Lower North Fork          Finished                245        Mostly Clearcut
Notes: This plan is on scattered SPI parcels in the Bear and Lower North Fork, Mattole. It proposes 157 acres of clearcut, tractor yarding, the use of herbicides, winter operations, and minimal stream buffers on the Mattole side. During Second Review, the RPF agreed to restrict winter operations to felling trees in the Mattole units only. It was activated in the Summer of 2013.

There are three Program Timber Harvest Plans (PTHPs) in the Mattole, PTHPs are committed to the restrictions of the Mattole PTEIR.

PTHP Number                      Owner                   Drainage                Status              Acres                Other
PTHP 1-11-100                     Wilson                   Sholes                     Approved              67
PTHP 1-11-116                       Metz                  Bridge, Thompson     Approved              61
PTHP 1-11-123                Sanctuary Forest        Bridge                     Approved              30