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What’s Funny About Climate Change Screening

In the late 1990’s, Jane Lapiner and David Simpson began to dedicate the work of their theatre company, Human Nature, to the all-important subject of climate change.  Clearly the future well-being of the planet and human society was increasingly dependent on the health of the natural world and especially on that of the climate. By that time, world average temperatures had risen to the point where the future was seriously in question. It has only gotten hotter since.

Their first show specifically on global warming was a broad, reverent comedy aimed at pointing out the ironies and absurdities of the efforts to save society from destruction due to the runaway burning of coal, oil, and gas. We live in a culture deep in denial of the painful truth – that we are heading rapidly towards oblivion. What better way to deal with such a grave danger than comedy? Thus, Human Nature presents What’s Funny About Climate Change?

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Sudden Oak Death Symptoms Caused by Other Pathogens: Some New Information

Combating the spread of sudden oak death is an important is very important to us at the MRC. Recently, Lisa Hintz has incorporated knowledge from discussions with Wallis Lee Robinson and Chris Lee into the following article about symptoms of sudden oak death. Here is an excerpt:

“Starting in early summer of 2021, UC Cooperative Extension and Cal Fire made a sampling effort in several north coast counties to associate observed symptoms with responsible pathogens. By November, 66 samples had been collected and apparently pathogenic organisms isolated from Del Norte, Siskiyou, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties, and about half of them (30 samples) had been sequenced and identified. Of these 30 samples, 17 were affected by Tubakia californica, four by Diplodia corticola, one by Diplodia mutila, three by Biscogniauxia mediterranea, one by another Biscogniauxia species, and five by Diaporthe species. Other potential pathogens were occasionally isolated, such as Cladosporium sp., Paratubakia sp., and Apiognomonia errabunda (on leaves). On some batches of samples, secondary pathogens or saproptrophs were mostly isolated, suggesting that more primary pathogens may have initially been responsible but that isolations had not been conducted quickly enough to detect them.”

You can click here to download the full publication.

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MRC 2021 Annual Report!


With the new year well under way we are pleased to announce that the 2021 Annual Report is now out! If you want to be informed for the upcoming Annual Meeting on January 30th or are simply curious about what we do, this is your chance to get up to speed on everything we’ve been up to over the last year. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and work with us to make this a great year. We look forward to continuing our work into the future!

Click here to download the MRC 2021 Annual Report

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Membership Renewal

Hello everyone! With the new year coming into full swing we’d like to take the time to make sure everyone knows their membership renewal date. Check the table below to see your last date of payment. Membership is valid for 1 year. If your last date of payment falls one or before the current date in 2022, please renew your membership via our website or stopping by the office by Jan 29th to participate in the annual meeting and give your input! If you reside within the Valley, you are also eligible to vote in Board of Directors elections.


Jane A’Hearn and Jeff Moroso 8/18/2021
Martha Ainsworth 8/14/2021
Chestine Anderson 9/27/2021
Gordon Anderson 8/24/2021
Jordan Anderson 1/30/2021
Joseph Ashenbrucker 8/14/2021
Nancy Bailey 1/28/2021
Robert Beede 12/1/2020
Anne Bernstein 1/22/2021
Robert Bosso 11/12/2021
Richard and Sally Botzler 8/16/2021
Guiliana and Mary Bratton 1/30/2021
Gene and Nancy Brown 1/11/2021
Jeffrey Bue 10/11/2021
Morgan Busby 7/25/2021
Vernon and Kristen Callahan 10/27/2021
Kevin Canada and Ruth Olin 1/28/2021
Heidi Carter 12/5/2021
Steven Cavellini 1/8/2021
Mark Chaffey and Heidi Hall 4/25/2021
Mark Chesebro and Caroline Mitchell 1/1/2021
Christopher and Pamela Ciullo 1/20/2021
Robin and Quenton Correll 8/16/2021
Dendro Corvid 11/3/2021
Justin and Sue Crellin 5/25/2021
John and Linda Crook 1/8/2021
Dyan Damron 9/4/2021
Lynne and Audel Davis 1/29/2021
Robert Davis 8/18/2021
Margaret Dickinson 6/1/2021
Dulce Doane and Will Erickson 1/8/2021
Greg Donovan and Amy Derrberry 2/27/2021
Maureen Draper 8/28/2021
Thomas Dunklin 1/30/2021
Marcia Ehrlich 1/8/2021
Richard Elefant and Diana Jacobs 1/13/2021
Jud Ellinwood and Anda Webb 4/29/2021
Rebecca Enberg 1/8/2021
David Ernst 8/22/2021
Mary Etter 1/20/2021
Christoph Fisher 1/20/2021
Ali Freedlund and Bob Anderson 2/1/2021
The French Family 10/27/2021
Peter Galvin 11/11/2021
Lydia Garvey 8/16/2021
Richard Gillespie 1/8/2021
The Glantz/Davis Family 12/21/2020
Christina Godfrey and Nicholas Loizeaux 12/28/2020
Annette Graebner 8/20/2021
Mignon Gregg 8/28/2021
Gil Gregori and Robie Tenorio 10/6/2021
Mariah Gregori and Ira Hird 12/1/2020
Michael Harrison 9/2/2021
Roger Hartwell 12/6/2021
Harriet Hass 1/8/2021
Thomas Hawk 2/25/2021
Lloyd and Barbara Hayes 9/27/2021
Liz Helenchild 1/30/2021
Emily Herman and Cedar McCulloch-Clow 2/2/2021
Lisa Hintz 1/30/2021
Stacy Houdek 2/1/2021
Karl and Sally Hufbauer 1/8/2021
Sarah Hufbauer 8/26/2021
Humboldt Area Foundation 11/5/2021
Alan Jackman 11/22/2021
Susan Jamison 1/22/2021
Erik Jansson 8/14/2021
Susie and John Jennings 1/13/2021
Duane Johnson 1/8/2021
Marie Johnson 8/26/2021
Riley Johnson 11/30/2021
Aryay Kalaki and Marcia Brenta 1/4/2021
Jayne Kempe 8/16/2021
Kirk Kleinschmidt 1/20/2021
Katherine Krantz 12/6/2021
Melvin and Holly Kreb 9/1/2021
Cecelia Lanman and Hal Hale 1/22/2021
Jane Lapiner and David Simpson 2/15/2021
Chris Larson 12/31/2020
Frank Leene 8/24/2021
Andrew Lehfeldt 1/20/2021
The Lingel/Moss Family 1/30/2021
Thomas Lisle and Lorie Dengler 12/6/2021
Lawrence Lossing and Ann Elston 12/10/2021
Steve and Gayle Lund 9/30/2021
Stephen Luther 12/31/2020
Ron and Linda Lyons 9/14/2021
Barbara and Robert MacCormack 12/23/2020
Pete Marshall 1/29/2021
Olaf Martens and Chandra Platz 1/30/2021
James and Christina Martin 8/14/2021
Kenneth Martin 1/1/2021
Donovan Mattole 2/8/2021
Subee McCants 1/20/2021
Lynn McCulloch 1/8/2021
Hugh McGee and Darleen Santer 1/30/2021
Patti McGuire 12/19/2020
Rebecca McKee 12/28/2020
Peter and Carlene Mennen 1/22/2021
Lindsay Merryman and Robert Wiele 10/25/2021
Madlain Michael and Dena Ibrahim 8/17/2021
Michael Miller 9/1/2021
Karen Mitchell 1/28/2021
Richard Moller 8/24/2021
Stuart Moskowitz 12/3/2020
Karl and Nicole Mulloney-Radke 12/31/2020
Anna’s Music 1/2/2021
Julia Newcomb 9/18/2021
Richard Noble and Susan Richardson 9/4/2021
Mary O’Brien 8/16/2021
Sue Oringer 11/17/2021
Michele Palazzo 3/28/2021
Janice Parakilas and Roy Baker 11/23/2021
Eve Pearce 1/16/2021
Vincent Peloso and Debbi Krukonis 12/10/2021
Barbara Penny 8/16/2021
Gary Peterson 1/29/2021
Joan and Gordon Peterson 8/23/2021
Evan Phillipe 1/5/2021
Cassie Pinnell 1/29/2021
Nathan Queener and Flora Brain 1/29/2021
April Quigley 8/25/2021
Walter and Judy Ramsey 8/18/2021
David Formosa 4/24/2021
Redwoods Abbey 11/22/2021
William Rhyne 8/22/2021
Ann Riley 8/23/2021
Jack and Gina Rimson 8/9/2021
Mary Roehrich 9/17/2021
Debbie and Rob Roscoe 1/30/2021
Lee and William Bragg 1/28/2021
Diane Rosser 12/1/2021
Marjorie and Jeffry Sahs 3/24/2021
Monica Scholey 12/1/2020
Jean Schulz 9/2/2021
Eric and Victoria Shafer 1/8/2021
Neil and Julie Sherman 1/22/2021
Sierra Simpson and Nate Madsen 9/9/2021
Gary and Melody Smith 1/8/2021
Greg and Margie Smith 1/29/2021
Rondal Snodgrass 8/16/2021
Reva Snyder 4/17/2021
Charlie Solo and Sandy Antonson 1/28/2021
Marshall Speck 5/10/2021
Linda Stansberry 12/1/2020
Robert Stansberry 1/20/2021
Katy Stern 8/27/2021
Gordon and Judith Stevens 1/29/2021
Emil Stockton 9/8/2021
Francis Sweet 1/9/2021
James Tauscher 2/1/2021
Ross Taylor 8/16/2021
Aubrey and Carolyn Thomas 3/24/2021
The Trout/Moore Family 1/29/2021
The Umina Family 1/8/2021
Theresa Vallotton 1/31/2021
Justin Velasquez 12/23/2020
Maria Vollmar 1/30/2021
Sarah Vroom and Ysi Southard 1/29/2021
Steve Walters and Cheryl Lisin 1/4/2021
Betsy Watson 8/16/2021
Nancy Watz 8/13/2021
Bernadette Webster and Jack Glick 1/1/2021
Peter Weissman 1/8/2021
Lynne Wells 8/16/2021
Hartwell Welsh 1/8/2021
Julie Wilkinson 8/24/2021
Robert and Desireé Yarber 1/4/2021
Veronica Yates and Otter Anderson 11/30/2021
Pamela Ybarrolaza 12/19/2020
Rob Yosha 1/13/2021
William Ziolkowski 12/19/2020

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MRC Annual Meeting is Coming Up!

Join us for our annual meeting to hear about our work in 2021, join in a discussion about upcoming work in 2022, as well as meet the candidates for our Board of Directors.  The meeting will take place Sunday, January 30th at 1:00 pm via Zoom. We look forward to seeing you then and hearing your input. For more information, email Use the information below to attend the meeting via Zoom.

Topic: MRC Annual Meeting
Time: Jan 30, 2022 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 336 538 7452
Passcode: restore
One tap mobile
+16699009128,,3365387452#,,,,*8985716# US (San Jose)
+12532158782,,3365387452#,,,,*8985716# US (Tacoma)

Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 336 538 7452
Passcode: 8985716
Find your local number:

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Elephant Seal Ecology Hike!




















The Mattole Field Institute and HSU Biology are co-hosting a family-friendly excursion to see and learn about our local elephant seal colony!Tentatively scheduled for January 8th; creek level depending. Please contact if you’re interested or have questions.

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BLM Job Opening in Whitethorn!

There is a GS 5-7 BLM Ranger position (non-law enforcement) opening up in Whitethorn!

Duties include:

  • Greets visitors and provides information and education concerning use of public lands.
  • Investigates and reports all trespasses or damage to Government property
  • Responds to emergency situations.
  • Conducts safety inspections and records visitor-related incidents.
  • Monitor road/trail conditions perform trail maintenance.
  • Patrols and inspects facilities ensuring compliance with rules and regulations pertaining to parking, campfires, noise level, sanitation, and safety; bringing problems or violations to the attention of visitors and, if appropriate.
  • Installs and maintains various types of signage on public lands, such as off-road vehicle, wilderness, portal, boundary, directional road and trail, and interpretive signing.
  • Presents a variety of formal and interpretive programs to include but not limited to, orientation talks, environmental education programs, conducted walks, demonstrations, and campfire programs.

Head on over to to apply!

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