community watershed restoration since 1983


The Mattole Restoration Council is one of North America’s oldest community-led watershed restoration organizations. Established in 1983, the Council’s primary mission is to understand, restore and conserve the ecosystems of the Mattole River watershed, with attention to threatened coho and Chinook salmon and steelhead. The Council works to further our objectives and purpose via “The restoration of natural systems in the Mattole River watershed and their maintenance at sustainable levels of health and productivity.” You can check out the various programs under the MRC to see a breakdown of the many ways we interact with the local environment and community.

We are a non-profit, 501c3 that works with hundreds of private landowners, resource management agencies, and other local conservation and education organizations such as the Mattole Salmon Group, Sanctuary Forest, and Friends of the Lost Coast. These four groups work together to support the Mattole Watershed and King Range National Conservation Area as the King Range Alliance.