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Native Plant Materials

Growing Native Plants for Resilient Mattole EcosystemsNursery 004

Producing high quality native plant material is essential for successful native plant restoration projects. We collect seed from a diverse mix of locally adapted native plants from the various native plant communities throughout the Mattole Watershed and King Range National Conservation Area.  These seeds are the base of all of the restoration projects we implement and are cared for and grown at our two native plant materials facilities: The Native Plant Nursery and our Native seed farm.

Native Plant Nursery

The Council has been propagating native plants for restoration projects since 2006. We currently operate a newly constructed one acre native plant nursery where we grow a variety of native grasses, forbs, shrubs, conifers, and hardwood trees for restoration projects. The facility includes two propagation greenhouses, shade structures, a mist house for the propagation of cuttings, and a native plant demonstration garden.  The facility operates on solar power and has a rainwater collection system that is used for irrigating our plants.

We grow over 50 different species that are found in wetland, riparian, coastal prairie, and oak woodland ecosystems. We operate in a closed system where our re-vegetation efforts are supplied with native genetic seed stock suited to the planting site. Growing our own plants from seed collected in the Mattole allows us to use a diverse palette suited to each site, it allows us to foster genetic diversity within species and grow rare and endemic species. We would not be able to accomplish our restoration goals without the native plant nursery. If you would like information on ordering native plants, click here.

Native Seed Farms

The MRC operates 1.5 acres of native seed farms in Petrolia for seed increases of native plant seed.  At the farm we grow a variety of native grass seed for both restoration projects and public sales.  If you are interested in purchasing native grass seed for your native landscaping or restoration project, please contact Hugh McGee at 707-629-3514 or

Private Contracts

We also grow native plants for private projects in the Mattole and beyond.  If you are a landowner, contractor, agency or just interested in native plants and would like a list of our current inventory and pricing, please contact Veronica Yates at 707-629-3514 or

We also offer native plant identification and mapping and seed collection services. If you are a landowner, contractor, agency or just interested in native plants and would like a quote for these services, please contact Hugh McGee at 707-629-3514 of


The best way to learn about our projects and the native plant nursery is to come help out at a volunteer day. We host weekly volunteer days. Come for all or part of the day. Please bring a bagged lunch and water bottle. For more information, click here. Contact Veronica at to see when our next event is.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Native Plant Nursery offers education to local elementary schools and the public on native plant propagation, seed collection, seed processing and plant nutrition. If your school or group would like to visit the nursery, or for more information about our native plant program,  contact Veronica Yates at 707-629-3514 or




Our Native Plant Nursery Moved!!


We have outgrown our current location and are moving our native plant nursery. Our new facility will be operational in April, 2016. The new nursery will be located on Chambers road just past the school. Currently we grow about 50,000 native grasses, shrubs, and trees. With our new facilities we will be able to grow up to 200,000 native plants. Our new facility will have two greenhouses, an expanded parking area, a shade structure, outdoor work space, and an expanded native plant demonstration garden.IMG_0745

We have broken ground on our new site! We still have a lot of work ahead of us and there are a variety of different ways you can become involved and help us make this transition.

How to Support Us

Our new nursery wasn’t cheap! We need your help.

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$500 will help us buy lumber, water tanks, building materials

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