Technical Advisory Committee

Mattole Technical Advisory Committee
& Technical Documents

The Mattole Technical Advisory Committee was convened to provide scientific oversight and input to guide Mattole restoration and conservation programs. The MTAC, which meets twice a year, has a membership of over twenty-five agency scientists and engineers, academic researchers, Mattole-based restoration practitioners, funding agency representatives and land conservation experts.

Below are links to recent MTAC meeting minutes and PowerPoint presentations, as well as a number of technical/scientific documents about the watershed.

April 15, 2011

Meeting Minutes


Bear Creek Project Design Review

Fluvial Processes and Coho Recovery

October 21, 2010

Meeting Minutes


Mattole Coho Recovery Strategy Update

Mattole Wood Structures 2010

Lower Bear Creek Update

October TAC GRCC Presentation

Climate Change Restoration Strategies

May 24, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Draft Coho Recovery Strategy

Randy Klein Class III Channel Protections

December 4, 2009

Meeting Minutes

PowerPoint Presentations:

Sustaining Watershed Recovery Under the Mattole PTEIR
Benefits of the PTEIR for Forest Restoration
Groundwater Storage for Streamflow Enhancement in the Mattole Headwaters
Good Roads, Clear Creeks 2009 Work Season Presentation
Water Scarcity and Groundwater Resources in the Mattole

June 4, 2009
Meeting Minutes

PowerPoint Presentations:

GRCC Overview
Lower Mattole Turbidity Baseline Data
Lower Mattole Turbidity Report
Sediment Model Presentation

November 13, 2008
Meeting Minutes 

PowerPoint Presentations:

Watershed Plan 2.0 update
Mattole Sediment Modeling Presentation
GRCC 2008 Overview
MSG Spawner Survey Methodology

April 30, 2008
Meeting Minutes 

PowerPoint Presentations:

Watershed Plan 2.0 update
Mattole GRCC Program Update

December 3, 2007
Meeting Minutes

PowerPoint Presentations:

SFI Flow Program Community Update

March 16, 2007

Meeting Minutes


Technical Documents are listed by subject area below:


Welsh, H. H. Jr, Hodgson, G. R. and Lind, A. J. 2005. Ecogeography of the herpetofauna of a northern California watershed: linking species patterns to landscape processes. Ecography 28: 521-536.

Welsh, H. H. Jr, Hodgson, G. R. and Karraker, N. E. 2005. Influences of the vegetation mosaic on riparian and stream environments in a mixed forest-grassland landscape in
''Mediterranean'' northwestern California.
Ecography 28: 537-551.

Fish and fish habitat:

Preston, L. 1991. A cursory evaluation of salmonid spawning and rearing conditions on Mattole River, Humboldt County. California Department of Fish and Game. Redding, CA. 47 pp.

Welsh, H.H. Jr., G.R. Hodgson, B.C. Harvey and M. Roche. 2001. Distribution of Juvenile Coho Salmon in Relation to Water Temperatures in Tributaries of the Mattole River, California. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 21:464-470.

Water quality and sediment:

Davis, A. Z. 2006. Development of a Monitoring Protocol for Bioengineered Sediment Mitigated Related to Stream Adjacent Bank Failures on Fourmile and Sholes Creeks in the Mattole River Watershed. M.S. thesis, Humboldt State University, Arcata, California.

North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (NCRWQCB). 2002. Mattole River watershed technical support document for total maximum daily loads for sediment and temperature . North Coast Region, SWRCB. Santa Rosa, CA. 133 pp.

For more information about the Mattole Technical Advisory Committee, please contact Nathan Queener at 707-629-3514 or nathan(at)