Recent MRC Publications

With funding from the State Water Resources Control Board Integrated Watershed Management Program, MRC has recently produced a series of new publications covering a range of topics from Sudden Oak Death to watershed-friendly economic possibilities. 

-White paper investigating the potential for establishment of a Long Term Ecological Research Station in the Mattole.

-Report on our current understanding of the Sudden Oak Death infestation in northern California, potential impacts in the Mattole, and how restoration can mitigate its effects.

-Report on climate change and scenarios of what it means for the Mattole watershed and our restoration effort.

-White paper on Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology and its potential applications in understanding Mattole forests.

-Forest management pamphlet providing information for Mattole forest landowners on managing their property for increased health and productivity. (Note that this PDF is configured to print for center-stapling, so the pages are not in order on your screen.)

-Brochure and fact sheet on Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) regulations for sediment and water temperature, and what these mean for Mattole landowners.

All of these publications are linked below.
Long Term Ecological Research in the Mattole302.83 KB
Sudden Oak Death in the Mattole Watershed1.23 MB
Climate Change and Watershed Restoration971.49 KB
Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) for Forest Charictarization in the Mattole Watershed1.05 MB
Mattole Forest Management Pamphlet881.12 KB
TMDL Brochure1.37 MB
TMDL Factsheet77.25 KB