Native Plants For Sale

Tis the Season to Plant Natives!
Fall and winter in Northern California bring bountiful rains. This is a reason to celebrate because it means that perennial native plants have a chance to establish a deep strong root system with little to no help from you! This will also reduce the amount of care and maintenance they need during the dry season. The ground also softens with the rains making planting easy and fun. Our storms in the Mattole often come in waves of rain so when the rain takes a break why not escape the indoors and plant some natives.

Why Native Plants?
They are beautiful, easy and fun! These plants are adapted to our soils, moisture levels and day length. They are hardy, less susceptible to disease and pests, attract native pollinators and bird species, will not become invasive plants in the ecosystem and once established in the right conditions need less care than exotic ornamental plants. There are native plants to suit your needs or site weather you are looking for plants for a shaded wetland area or a dry ridge top garden and everything in between. Many plants are edible or have medicinal value.

Ordering Information
We do not ship any native plant stock. You must be able to pick up the plants at the nursery. Check our plant list for availability and prices. Additional plant orders must be made one year in advance.
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