Mapping and GIS

The Council provides mapping and data management to support restoration, research, project planning, and local land stewardship efforts.

Community Services:

Need a map of the watershed or your property? The Council maintains an extensive library of historic and recent aerial photos, and offers customized and general interest maps to residents to further sustainable land management.

The Council is available to make custom maps, for any location within and around the Mattole watershed.

Mapping services start at $45 per hour.
There are many possible options for your custom mapping needs, here is an abbreviated list of options, combinations are also possible.

•    Topographical relief
•    Aerial photographs
•    Property boundaries
•    Creeks
•    Roads
•    Towns
•    Location of old growth forests
•    Historical fires

Our maps should not be used for litigation, for this purpose, contact the assessors office.

Program Details:

As we undertake multiple efforts to restore and learn about our watershed, we remain observant.  The council maintains comprehensive land cover information through our computerized Geographic Information System (GIS), and is engaged in ongoing projects to monitor trends in watershed conditions. The MRC has taken a lead in comprehensive watershed planning efforts to identify and respond to restoration needs as they arise. 

The MRC has been developing methods, protocols, and operating procedures for digital field-based data collection. The purpose of these methods is to improve data quality during field collection, and includes the integration of digital photographs, Global Positioning System (GPS), and field-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through the use of handheld computers.

You can read or download the MRC's Digital Data Entry manual in the link below. 
Digital Data Entry manual.pdf1.17 MB