About the MRC

The Mattole Restoration Council is one of North America’s oldest community-led watershed restoration organizations. Established in 1983, the Council’s primary mission is to understand, restore and conserve the ecosystems of the Mattole River watershed, with attention to threatened coho and Chinook salmon and steelhead.

The Council works with hundreds of private landowners, resource management agencies, and other local conservation organizations such as the Mattole Salmon Group and Sanctuary Forest. A watershed is an area of land contained by ridgetops, where precipitation falls and flows into a common stream system.

The Mattole watershed encompasses 304 square miles within the northern California Coast Mountains, some of the most rugged and geologically active land in California. The Mattole River flows completely un-dammed for 62 miles, from northern Mendocino County to its mouth at the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles south of Cape Mendocino.

Through the following programs, the Council works to further the objectives and purpose of the Mattole Restoration Council, “the restoration of natural systems in the Mattole River watershed and their maintenance at sustainable levels of health and productivity;”

Good Roads, Clear Creeks - Reducing erosion to improve aquatic habitat

Wild and Working Lands - Restoring the health of Mattole forests and grasslands

    Riparian Ecosystem Restoration - Improving the quality of streamside habitat

    Fire-Safe Forests and Homes - Improving the forest while protecting homes from fire

    Forest Practices - Reviews any proposed timber harvest plan in the Mattole to ensure that adequate     protections for watershed health and stability are maintained.

    Mattole Forest Futures - Promoting ecologically sound timber harvest

    Grassland Restoration - Promoting diverse coastal prairies

    Native Plant Nursery - Growing native Mattole species for restoration projects

    Invasive Species - Working to keep aggressive non-natives in check

Watershed Information Systems - providing mapping, data management and planning

Youth Environmental Education - Fostering ecological watershed literacy in local youth

    Mattole Ecological Education Program

    Nick’s Interns

Resource Center - Providing information and technological assistance